Department of Endodontics Predoctoral Courses




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    HDP 615 Introduction to Endodontics

    This course introduces students to endodontology, the study of endodontics. Students receive an in depth look at the intricacies of root canal morphology, pulpal biology, and disease processes associated with the root canal space and periradicular tissues. A particular focus is placed on the principles behind endodontic diagnosis, etiology, prognosis, and contemporary management.

    26 course hours, Drs. Joubert, Bruder and faculty

    HDP 711 Endodontic Technique

    Lectures that apply endodontic diagnosis to clinical applications and encompass the management of endodontic patients. This course includes a pre-clinical experience introducing endodontic techniques such as isolation, access, instrumentation, irrigation, obturation, and restoration.


    Prerequisite:  HDP 615

    45.5 course hours, Drs. Joubert and Bruder and faculty


    HDP 725 Year III Endodontic Clinic

    Emphasizes the application of endodontic knowledge in the evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and management of patients with endodontic pathology. Under the supervision of endodontic faculty, students are exposed to several modes of pulpal therapy including pulp capping, pulpotomy, pulpectomy, and non-surgical endodontic therapy.

    Prerequisite: HDP 711

    464 course hours, Drs. Joubert, Bruder and endodontic faculty