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    Interim Dean:

    Dr. Mary R. Truhlar
    telephone no. (631) 632-8950

       Office of the Dean:

       Josephine Levan 
       Administrative Assistant  
       telephone no. (631) 632-6985

    Associate Deans:

    Dr. Allan Kucine 
    Information Technology
    telephone no. (631) 632-8951

    Dr. Stephanos Kyrkanides
    Research and Faculty Development
    telephone no. (631) 632-3025

    Dr. David W. Paquette
    telephone no. (631) 632-3029

    Dr. Steven M. Zove
    (Acting) Clinical Affairs
    telephone no. (631) 632-3101

    Executive Assistant Dean:

    Ms. Maureen Burns
    Finance and Administration
    telephone no. (631) 632-3189

    Assistant Dean:

    Ms. Carol Sloane, RDH
    Assistant Dean for Allied Dental Education
    telephone no. (631) 632-8966

    Office of the Associate Dean of Education


    Dr. Marcus Abboud
    Continuing Education
    telephone no. (631) 632-9371

    Ms. Patricia Berry
    Acting Director of Admissions
    telephone no. (631) 632-8871

    Dr Vincent J. Iacono
    Postgraduate Programs
    telephone no. (631) 632-8895

    Ms. Rachel Schnabl
    Advancement and External Affairs
    telephone no. (631) 632-8807

    Dr. Marcia Simon
    Graduate Studies
    telephone no. (631) 632-8922


    Ms. Victoria Gulin
    Office of Education
    telephone no. (631) 632-3033

    telephone no. (631) 632-8979

    Ms. Glenda Mitchell
    Student Services & Financial Aid
    telephone no. (631) 632-3027

    Ms. Diane Van Tronk
    Advancement & External Affairs
    telephone no. (631) 632-3753

    Ms. Patricia Vitale
    Human Resources
    telephone no. (631) 632-8887

    Ms. Hilary Wolfskill
    Assistant Registrar / Office of Education
    telephone no. (631) 632-5468