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    Nungavarm S. Ramamurthy, D.V.M., Ph.D.,
    Research Professor Emeritus
    Department of Oral Biology and Pathology

    DVM: University of Madras (1962)
    PhD: Biochemistry, University of Manitoba, Canada (1970)
    Fellowship/Advanced Training: Medical Research Council of Canada Fellow 1961-62

    MVSc, University of Agra, India (1965);
    FAPHV,  2006 Association of Public Health Veterinarians (Ind)
    FNVAS,  2005 National Academy of  Veterinary Science (Ind)  

    Research Interests: Connective tissue metabolism. Collagen remodelling in the soft and hard tissue. Wound healing in normal status and during endocrine (estrogen and Insulin) deficiency. Special emphasis on matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors.
    Language(s) spoken: English, Tamil and Hindi
    Consultations & Appointments: 631-632-8914
    Email Address: Nungavarm.Ramamurthy@stonybrookmedicine.edu