Devin S Harrison




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    Devin S Harrison

    Undergraduate College/University: Union College



    Development of an Undergraduate Laboratory: The Characterization of Unknown Tripeptides

    Dr. Susan J. Kohler and Dr. Joanne D. Kehlbeck, supported by Merck

    Development of a laboratory procedure to be used by undergraduates in an organic chemistry course with emphasis on chromatography, rapid microwave hydrolysis, two-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance and logical reasoning.


    The Synthesis and Evaluation of Novel Molecular Transporters

    Dr. Joanne D. Kehlbeck

    Organic synthesis, characterization and assay of peptide analogue polypeptoids in exploration of use as molecular transporters that traverse the cell membrane.



    Developing an undergraduate laboratory: practical identification of an unknown tripeptide, Steinmetz Symposium, Union College, May 2009.

    Development of an undergraduate laboratory: identification of an unknown tripeptide, American Chemical Society Spring 2009 National Meeting & Exposition, March 2009

    Development of an Undergraduate Laboratory: Characterization of an Unknown Tripeptide, Union College, July 2008

    Novel Molecular Transporters: Membrane Traversers, Union College, August 2007


    Awards & Recognition

    Samuel S. Feuer (1925) Prize

    Union College Prize Day, 2009

    Merck Student Scholar, Summer 2008