Dental Care Center Volunteer Program

The volunteer program (shadowing/observing) for the School of Dental Medicine's (SDM) Dental Care center offers the opportunity for students 18 years +, undergraduate students to only observe (no assisting of any kind) pre-doctoral dental students, post-doctoral dental students, and residents in a dental setting. The program provides a rotation schedule that will allow the student to experience all the specialty dental care programs. 

Additional important information: 

  • A volunteer must first complete the volunteer process offered at the Hospital Volunteer Office: (631) 444-2610
  • Once a volunteer is cleared by the Hospital Volunteer Office they will sign up to volunteer at SDM's Dental Care Center by submitting the required information listed on the Volunteer website for SDM
  • All volunteers begin with the General Practice Residency Program for the first 4 weeks. Then they are rotated to the various specialty programs that are available during their time slot. The specialty programs offered are Periodontics, Orthodontics, Pediatric Resident Program, Children's Dentistry, and Year IV student clinic 
  • Volunteers may also be needed on occasion to do light clerical duties and fill goodie bags 

Click here for a full list of information on the Dental Care Center Volunteer Program