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Dental XP Online Implant Externship Program


The goal of Dentalxp’s Online Implant Externship Certificate Program is to bring easy global access to the most current, constantly updated, and highest level of the available pool of knowledge in implant dentistry. The Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine has partnered with Dental XP to bring world renowned expert educators and clinicians together to create a comprehensive and modular online certificate program which allows participants to gain foundational knowledge in all the various critical aspects necessary to delivering successful surgical as well as prosthetic implant dentistry. A key benefit is that participants will be able to do this economically from anywhere in the world and at their own pace. In addition, the program will implement a testing program to ensure that participants acquire the requisite preparation and knowledge base for attaining a Certificate of Completion and Continuing Education Credit as well as access to, and the full benefits from, readily available supplemental hands-on training in areas of advanced bone and soft tissue grafting, sinus augmentation, extraction socket management and digital implant dentistry.

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