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Upcoming CE Courses

International Advancement Program in Implant Prosthodontics imagery

International Advancement Program in Implant Prosthodontics

Click here for more information and to register.

General Dentistry Seminars
Stony Brook University, 111 Rockland Hall (USA)

Starting in January 2016
Every Tuesday and Friday

Starting in January of 2016 the Stony Brook University, School of Dental Medicine will be hosting General Dentistry Seminars. Our seminars are high quality, well organized, evidence based presentations on interesting topics presented by our fourth year dental students. A full listing of speakers, topics and dates will be posted in the coming months. 

Update Digital Technology Symposium 
Manhattan, NY (USA)

Friday, June 3, 2016

Interdisciplinary treatment utilizing digital technology is the foundation of this meeting and all the expert clinicians who will be speaking will illuminate that. The different deantal teams participating in this unique event will bring real-world dentistry straight from their practices to the symposium stage and will engage each other and the audience, discussing and debating the best possible treatments utilizing the latest technology. The use of computer-aided tomography, computer assisted treatment planning, computer-guided surgery and CAD/CAM fabrication of restorations has been available for a variety of applications. Research and experiences with this technology allows us to fine tune its use and understand its applications and limitations better than ever before. The use of these advanced technologies will be demonstrated and reviewed. Advantages, disadvantages and limitations will be discussed to ensure maximum benefits of computer technology to a successful treatment for the dentist and dental technician. 

Registration opening soon. For additional information please contact Marcus.Abboud@stonybrookmedicine.edu