Research Faculty




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    Department of Endodontics 
    Chair:  Dr. George Bruder 
    Faculty  Dr. Christopher J. Joubert
    Department of General Dentistry
    Chair:  Dr. Mary Truhlar
    Faculty  Dr. Dolores Cannella
       Dr. Ying Gu
    Department of Oral Biology & Pathology
    Chair:  Dr. Maria Ryan 
    Faculty:  Dr. Soosan Ghazizadeh
       Dr. Lorne Golub
       Dr. Israel Kleinberg
       Dr. Steven London
       Dr. Lucille London
       Dr. Marcia Simon
       Dr. Denise Trochesset
       Dr. Stephen Walker
    Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
    Acting Chair:  Dr. Allan Kucine
    Department of Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry
    Chair: Dr. Stephanos Kyrkanides
    Faculty: Dr. Maria Cordero
    Dr. Fred Ferguson
      Dr. Hechang Huang
    Department of  Periodontology
    Chair:  Dr. Vincent Iacono
    Faculty:  Dr. Julio Carrion
       Dr. Philias Garant
    Department of Prosthodontics & Digital Technology  
    Chair: Dr. Marcus Abboud
    Faculty: Dr. Dan Colosi
      Dr. Rafael Delgado Ruiz
      Dr. Aaron Segal
      Dr. Alex Won

     Current Research Faculty Topics (as of 3/2014)