Ying Gu, DDS, PhD

Ying Gu, DDS, PhDDr. Ying Gu
Chair, Professor
Department of General Dentistry
DDS: Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine
PhD:  Stony Brook University
Fellowship/Advanced Training:

F30 Individual Pre-Doctoral Dental Scientist Fellowship, National Institutes of Health

Residency Training:

AEGD, Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine

Practice: General dentistry
Research Interests: Link between oral and systemic diseases
Recent Publications:

Gu, Y., Hou, W., Lee, H.M., Golub, L.M., Ryan M.E. Periodontal Disease in Acute Coronary Syndrome Patients: A Pilot Study. Am J Dent. 34(2):97-100, 2021.

Gu, Y., Raja, V., Lee, H.M., Prestwich, G., Ryan, M.E. Therapeutic Potential of a Novel Semi-Synthetic-Sulfated-Polysaccharide to Suppress Inflammatory Mediators in P. gingivalis LPS stimulated human monocytes/macrophages. J Inflamm 18, 26.

Deng, J., Golub, LM., Lee, H.M., Bhatt, H., Hong, H., Johnson, F., Scaduto, J., Zimmerman, T., and Gu, Y.  A Novel Chemically-Modified Curcumin 2.24: Short-term Systemic Treatment for Natural Periodontitis in Dogs. Front. Dent. Med. 2:609795. doi: 10.3389/fdmed.2021.609795, 2021.

Shang, C., Feng, L., Gu, Y., Hong, H., Hong, L., and Hou, J.  Impact of Multidisciplinary Team Management on the Survival Rate in Head and Neck Cancer Patients: a Meta-analysis of Cohort Studies. Front. Oncol. 11:630906. doi: 10.3389/fonc.2021.630906, 2021.

Deng, J., Golub, L.M., Lee, H.M., Raja, V., Johnson, F., Kucine, A., Lee, W., Xu, TM. and Gu, Y. Novel Modified-Curcumin Promotes Resolvin-like Activity and Reduces Diabetes-induced Bone Loss. J Inflamm Res. 14: 5337–5347, doi: 10.2147/JIR.S330157, 2021.

Bhatt H., McClain S., Lee H.M., Zimmerman T., Deng J., Johnson F., Gu Y., Golub L.M. The Maximum-Tolerated Dose and Pharmacokinetics of a Novel Chemically-Modified-Curcumin in Rats. J Exp Pharmacol. 14: 73-85, 2022.

Gu, Y., Lee, H.M., Deng, J., Prestwich, G., Ryan, M.E. SAGE: Novel therapy to reduce inflammation in a naturally-occurring-dog model of periodontal disease. J Exp Pharmacol. 14:117-129, 2022.

Language(s) spoken: English, Chinese
Consultations and Appointments: (631) 632-8971
Email address: ying.gu@stonybrookmedicine.edu