Ying Gu, D.D.S., PhD

Ying Gu, D.D.S., PhD
Chair, Professor
Department of General Dentistry
Dr. Ying Gu of Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine
DDS: DDS, PhD, Stony Brook
Fellowship/Advanced Training:

F30 Individual Pre-doctoral

Dental Scientist Fellowship from NIH
Residency Training:

AEGD, Stony Brook

Practice: General Dentistry
Research Interests: Study the Link between the oral and systemic diseases
Current Publications:

1.  Gu, Y., H. Lee, E.J. Roemer, L. Golub and S.R. Simon (2001).  Inhibition of Tumor Cell Invasiveness by Chemically Modified Tetracyclines.  Curr. Med. Chem. 8: 261-270.

2.  Gu, Y., H. Lee, T. Sorsa, Y. Konttinen, L. Golub and S.R. Simon (2005).  Inhibition of Breast cancer extracellular matrix degradative activity by chemically modified tetracyclines.  Annals Med. 37:450-460.

3.  Gu, Y., and M.E. Ryan (2009).  “Overview of Periodontal Diseases: Causes, Pathogenesis, and  Characteristics.”  In Williams, R., and Genco, R. (Eds): Periodontal Diseases and Systemic Conditions.  In press.

4.  Ryan, M. and Y. Gu (2009).  “Host Modulation Therapy.”  In Newman, M., Takei, H., Carranza, F., and Klokkevold, P.  (Eds): Carranza’s Clinical Periodontology.  In press.

5.  Gu, Y., H. Lee, T. Sorsa, S. Simon, and L. Golub (2010).  Doxycycline inhibits mononuclear cell-mediated connective tissue breakdown.  FEMS Immunology and Medical Microbiology.  58:218-225
Language(s) spoken: English, Chinese
Consultations & Appointments: 631-632-8971
Email Address:  ying.gu@stonybrookmedicine.edu