Meet the Office of Education

The Office of Education is committed to the success of each student. In partnership with others, the Office of Education advocates for and provides leadership to cultivate the academic success and personal development of our students by offering services, activities, and learning opportunities. We prepare and empower students to engage fully as active learners, responsible leaders, and contributing members of a diverse and dynamic campus community and global society.

Dr. Dolores Cannella, Associate Dean for Education
Phone: (631) 632-3953
Dr. Cannella oversees all academic aspects of the teaching programs at the School of Dental Medicine. She is responsible for:

  • Curriculum Oversight: Establishing, implementing, and evaluating policies and procedures related to the academic programs
  • Student Achievement: Tracking student progress, identifying students who require assistance, providing resources, and collaborating with course directors to develop remediation plans and/or modified programs of study
  • Program Evaluation: Gathering and evaluating results of outcomes assessment measures for the academic programs and works with the academic standing, curriculum, admissions, and advanced education program committees in analyzing the results, developing plans for change in identified areas, and presenting these changes to the Faculty Council
  • Supporting diverse student populations, planning essential student programs, student organizations, and career advising
  • Providing overall leadership to national and global outreach, admissions, special events, student financial services, and student wellness
  • Providing guidance and resources to students who struggle with academic issues or personal issues
  • Teaching in the “Patient” and “Community” course series that introduce our students to patient care and provide the framework for their national and global outreach experiences
  • Supporting student wellness programs and initiatives

Daniella Zajac, Director of Student Services
Phone: (631) 632-3027

  • Oversees all aspects of Financial Aid for DDS and Advanced Education programs
  • Oversees Student Services for all DDS and Advanced Education programs, including but not limited to:
    • Clubs/organizations
    • Student reimbursement
    • Student events
    • Student advocacy
    • School of Dental Medicine Title IX Officer

Lisa Levine, Assistant Registrar
Phone: (631) 632-5468

  • Supports the Associate Dean for Education
  • Supports students with academic matters, including transcript requests and letters for verification 
  • Maintains curriculum calendar and CBase schedules

Lynda Reynolds, Senior Staff Assistant
Phone: (631) 632-9414

  • Provides support to the advanced education students and residents, program directors, and program coordinators
  • Maintains cohesion amongst the advanced education programs
  • Oversees the onboarding and advancement processes
  • Plans events related to advanced education