Department of Oral Biology and Pathology

Oral Biology and Pathology is part of the School of Dental Medicine within the Health Sciences Center. The Department of Oral Biology and Pathology focuses on the scientific study of the growth, development, diseases, healing properties, and neurological components of the oral cavity, related tissues and organs, and associated craniofacial areas. Consequently, the Department of Oral Biology and Pathology has two fundamental missions within the School of Dental Medicine: The first is to educate dental students in these disciplines and prepare them for clinical application. The second is to bridge the gap between the basic sciences and the clinical practice and research in Dentistry. The Department faculty interacts with members of all clinical departments and promotes research in their respective areas with the aim of understanding and improving all aspects of oral and craniofacial health and treatment.


Combined Degrees: 

Distinguished Professor: Lorne Golub

Professors: Soosan Ghazizadeh, Ying GuMarcia Simon, Steven London

Associate Professors: Stephen Walker

Research Associate Professors: Hsi-Ming Lee

Clinical Assistant Professors: Raveena Sharma Jagwani

Senior Staff Assistant: Maria Gundy – Telephone: (631) 632-3753