Continuing Education

The School of Dental Medicine has been a resource to its alumni and practitioners within the local community in the area of continuing dental education. Continuing Education, part of life-long learning, is an integral part of the school's mission to advance oral and general health via the continuous pursuit of excellence in education, patient care, discovery and leadership.

The specific goals for the School’s Continuing Dental Education program are:

  1. to maintain and improve clinical competency of dentists and dental professionals and thereby patient care; 
  2. to deliver contemporary, interactive and clinically relevant programs that meet the needs of the practicing dental community of Long Island, New York State and the region; 
  3. to promote the translation of new scientific findings to clinical practice; and 
  4. to build long-term relationships with the practicing community.

The Continuing Dental Education program is organized under the School’s Office of Education. The Continuing Dental Education program engages a diverse Continuing Education Advisory Committee representing the target audience for planned courses. The Continuing Education Advisory Committee is charged with meeting to review, revise or develop new goals of the Continuing Dental Education Program. 

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