Welcome. Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine is the largest provider of oral health care services on Long Island. Committed to excellence in patient care, we are on the forefront of incorporating the latest in digital dentistry into treatment plans and lead the way in advances in dental medicine through conducting critical translational research. Within our facility, you will have access to all dental specialties in one location and will be treated with a whole-patient approach to healthcare. 

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At Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine, we proudly offer two levels of care in the same location:

  • Our Dental Care Center is a dental teaching practice offering quality care provided by current dental students and residents as they are supervised by licensed faculty dentists. While this option is most affordable, please expect that the wait and appointment times will be longer. 
  • Stony Brook Dental Associates is located within Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine with care provided by faculty dentists who are experts in their fields. Costs are similar to those of private dental practices.