Become a Patient


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Welcome to the Dental Care Center, the teaching clinic of Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine.
Our Dental Care Center features the latest in diagnostic techniques and preventive services, state-of-the-art digital dentistry, and every dental specialty in one location. We are proud to be the largest provider of oral health care services on Long Island. 

At the Dental Care Center, quality care is provided by dental students and residents under the guidance of licensed faculty dentists. Although the time to complete treatment is longer than within a private practice setting, the fees are typically significantly more affordable. 

To begin the process of becoming a patient of the Dental Care Center, please schedule your first appointment. 


How to Schedule Your First Appointment

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To schedule your first appointment within our teaching clinic, please call the Dental Care Center between 8:30am and 5pm, Monday through Friday. 

  • Adult Patient Program: (631) 632-8989, select prompt #4
  • Child (Under age 17) Patient Program: (631) 632-8967
  • Orthodontic Program: (631) 632-8906

How to Prepare for Your First Appointment 

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To ensure your first visit to the Dental Care Center is as efficient as possible, please complete and bring with you forms from the Program Selection Appointment Packet

Please be sure to also bring with you: 

  • A valid form of government ID 
  • Your insurance card(s) 
  • A list of all of your medications
  • If you are the legal guardian or guarantor, please bring the legal documents with you at the time of the appointment.

What to Expect at Your First Appointment 

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During your first appointment, your basic oral health status and treatment needs will be assessed by a faculty member. Here is what to expect: 

  • Upon arrival to the Dental Care Center, please check in with the main reception desk.
  • As the Dental Care Center is a teaching clinic, your visit may take up to three hours.
  • The first appointment is for pre-diagnostic services, which include a screening triage, head and neck examination, and oral cancer screening.
  • Radiographs (x-rays) may be taken as part of the examination process.
  • No additional treatment will be performed at the first appointment.
  • If your insurance plan does not cover this service there is a nominal fee for the appointment payable by cash or credit card. This payment is due at the time of the appointment.
  • Photographic images are required to be taken for all patients, including children, according to Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act 2003 §114, 315 and Federal Trade Commission’s Identity Theft Prevention Red Flags Rule 16 CFR § 681.2. All non-religious headwear must be removed, e.g., hats.
  • There is a “no cell phone” policy, which prohibits video, photo or other recording devices while at the Dental Care Center. Please respect the privacy of others.

Acceptance as a Patient  

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If your treatment needs are compatible with the teaching program
, you will be accepted as a patient and assigned to a specific student or resident clinical program based upon the complexity of the care required.

  • As per Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine’s Standards of Care, patients accepted for care in the Dental Care Center from their first appointment will receive a comprehensive examination within 90 days. If your needs are complex and/or your availability is limited, an assignment may be further delayed.
  • When you are assigned to a student/resident provider, you will be contacted by phone. It is best to make a note of your treating student/resident provider’s name and phone number in case you have to contact them.
  • At your first appointment with your assigned dental resident/student, further diagnostic information will be obtained and a comprehensive treatment plan will be developed.

If your treatment needs are too complex for the teaching program, you will be referred for treatment to the Suffolk County Dental Society or to Stony Brook Dental Associates.  

Insurance Information

Provided below is a list of the dental plans that we participate with. It is important for you to check whether we participate in your specific plan. Please contact your plan to confirm our participation. 

Medicaid / Medicaid HMO Plans

Dental Carrier Dental Plan
New York State Medicaid
Dentaquest Affinity Health Plan
Dentaquest Affinity Health – Child & Family Plus (CHP)
Dentaquest Fidelis (Child Health Plus) 
Dentaquest Fidelis Adult Medicaid
Dentaquest Healthfirst Medicaid
Dentaquest Healthfirst Family Health Plus
Dentaquest Healthfirst (Child Health Plus)
Dentaquest Emblem Health Plan (Child Health Plus)
United Health Care Community Plan Medicaid
United Health Care Community Plan Child Health Plus

Private Dental Insurance Accepted

CSEA Employee Benefit Fund
Cigna PPO
Delta Dental PPO*
Emblem Health Preferred PPO**

* We do not participate with Delta Care USA. Delta has many dental plans; please check your card for the correct plan.
** This includes GHI and HIP (No HMO)

Mission, Vision and Core Values of Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine


Approved by Faculty Council July 2019

Mission Statement

The mission of the Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine is to deliver innovative, world-class oral health education, patient care, research and service to our community and beyond.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine is to define and shape the future of dentistry by preparing tomorrow’s healthcare professionals, innovators, researchers and educators as leaders of change in a diverse and inclusive society. 

Core Values (WE LEAD)

Welcoming: We foster a humanistic environment of mutual respect and trust with our teaching, learning, and delivery of patient care.
Exceptional Care: We provide the most current evidence-based care to our patients with attentive listening and affirmation. 
Leaders of Innovation: We promote discovery to inform and advance the dental profession 
Ethics and Accountability: We abide by the highest standards in education, research, patient care and service.
Advocacy: We connect and serve the local Long Island community, New York State, the nation and world.
Diversity: We embrace diversity in people and thinking.