Our Graduate Students

DDS/PhD Students

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Min-Gyu Kwak, BS Genetics and Cell Biology
Current DDS/PhD Student
Research Interest: Function of Neuronal Niche in Regulation of Salivary Gland Stem Cells

Sihana Rugova, MS Biomedical Sciences
Current DDS/PhD Student
Research Interest: MD Surgical Implant Drill Bit for IBP


Elizabeth Scisci Diamond, DDS, PhD 2015
Polymorphonuclear Leukocyte and Dendritic Cell Interactions in the Presence of Infection by Periodontal Pathogen Porphyromonas gingivalis

DDS/MS Program



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Junaid Rajani, B.S. Biochemistry
Current MS/DDS student
Research Interest: Periodontal
Regeneration Therapy

Sihana Rugova, MS Biomedical Sciences, 2015
Standardizing Implant Bed Preparation Preparation Testing 



MS Biomedical Sciences with a Track in Oral Biology



Deana Dickershaid, RDH
Current MS Student
Research Interest: Occurence of pectinolytic
enzymes secreted in the oral cavity by
members of the oral flora.  

Huda Anwar, BDS, MS 2018
Evaluation of osteogenetic potential
of bone grafting materials

Heta Dinesh Bhatt, BDS
MS in Biomedical Sciences 2018
Research Interest: Therapeutics for Periodontal
Disease and Othe Chronic Inflammatory
Systemic Conditions



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Anna Lubitz, MBA, MPH
Current MS Student 
Research Interest: The Relationship Between Selenomonas
noxia (S. noxia) and obesity among pediatric dental patients."

Aekta Patel, MS in Biomedical Sciences 2017
with a Track in Oral Biology and Pathology
Influence of Drill Diameter on Temperature and Time during Slow Drilling Protocol - In Vitro Study



Recent Graduates in the Combined Advanced Certificate (AC) in Endodontics, Orthodontics, or Periodontics/MS in Biomedical Sciences (Oral Biology and Pathology Track)









Rita Flynn, DMD, MS 2018
Current MS student
Research Interest: Orthodontic Biomaterials
Gautam Matta, DDS, MS 2018
3D Stereophotogrammetric Imagery &
Changes in Soft Tissue After
Maxillary Expansion
Sonam Sheth, DMD, MS 2018
Cone Beam CT Usage in
Orthodont Practice
An Harriott Barrese
Tina An, DDS, MS 2017
Juvenile Radiation Dose Comparison and Analysis of
Traditional Radiographs and Cone Beam Computed
Tomography Volumetric Images in the Assessment of
Root Resorption Associated with Maxillary Impacted Canines
Kerisa Harriott, DMD, MS 2017
The Periodontal Health Status
of Invisalign Patients:
A Clinical Study
Joseph Barrese, Jr. DDS, MS 2017
A Comparison of Traditional Model Surgery and Virtual Surgical Planning for Accuracy in Le Fort I Osteotomies

PhD Students in Oral Biology and Pathology

Bazina Jie Deng Koosha
Fadia Bazina, BDS, MS
Current PhD student
Research Interest: Early Childhood Caries Risk Factors
Jie Deng, BDS, MS
Current PhD student
Research Interest: Anti-Inflammatory Glycosaminoglycan Ethers for Treatment of Periodontitis
Farzad Koosha, DDS
Current PhD Student
Research Interest: Biomedical Engineering
Lin Raja  
Michael Lin, MA, DDS
Current PhD student
Research Interest: Therapeutic Effects Matrix
Metalloproteinase Inhibitor
Veena Raja, BDS, MS, PhD 2018
Research Interest: P.gingivalis mediated IL-6
Trans-signaling in Periodontitis
Fayrouz Bazina, BDS, MS
PhD 2018
Research Interest: Cadherin switch during Odontogenesis



Combined MS/Advanced Certificate Students in Oral Biology and Pathology


Jessica A. Pilloni, DDS
Current MS Student
Research Interest: Oral Biofilm by
Thermoplastic Retainer Cleaners:
an in-vitro study