Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine Begins Use of Dental Isolation Technology

Isolite Provides Training to SDM Students, Faculty and Residents

Donated by Isolite® Systems, Dental Isolation Technology Offers Additional Method of Providing Patient Care 

March 2018 - More so than ever, technology is a fundamental element of dental education. Technological advancements continue to change what is possible in oral health, function, and beauty, making access to the latest innovations essential. The Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine (SDM) is committed to bettering patient care, educational training, and research through technology, as evidenced by its participation as one of five dental schools nationally to pilot a Digital Dentistry Curriculum. 

In support of the SDM’s dedication to providing its students and patients exposure to innovations in dental care, Isolite® Systems has donated nearly $150,000 of its Isovac System devices to the SDM. According to Sandra Hirsch, President and CEO of Isolite Systems, “Isolite supports Stony Brook’s unrelenting drive for educational and clinical excellence.”

Within a training session provided by Isolite team members, students and faculty received instruction on the system and received Isolite mouthpieces constructed of a flexible polymer. The mouthpieces, central to the Isolite System, increase the comfort and safety of patients during procedures by retracting and protecting the tongue and cheeks, by acting as a barrier to the airway, and by allowing the dentist to clearly see and monitor the airway. Additionally, the Isolite System increases clinic efficiency by increasing the level of independence for dental students during many procedures

Isolite System devices were initially introduced to the SDM within the SDM’s Department of Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry through clinical professor Rhona Sherwin, DDS. According to Dr. Sherwin, “As evidenced by my residents, procedures are accomplished faster, with improved safety, proficiency, and comfort for their patients.” With Isolite’s generosity, the SDM will be able to expand these results throughout the various departments and programs. “The incorporation of Isolite units into Stony Brook’s clinics will most certainly lead to significant enhancements in the efficiency of dental care delivery,” added Dr. Sherwin.