Dr. Dolores Cannella


Dr. Dolores Cannella

Dolores Cannella, MA, PhD
Associate Dean for Education
Associate Professor,
Department of General Dentistry






PhD: Psychology, Stony Brook University
Research Interests: My research interests involve employing social psychological theories to investigate adaptation to chronic illness, stress and coping, and the promotion of health behaviors.

SDM Course Director, Behavioral Interactions

SOM Course Facilitator, Foundations of Medical Practice

Language(s) spoken: English
Current Publications:

Cannella, D. T. L., Lobel, M., Glass, P., Lokshina I., & Graham, G. E., (2007).  Factors associated with depressed mood in chronic pain patients: The role of intrapersonal coping resources.  Journal of Pain, 8, 256-262.

Lobel, M., Hamilton, J., & Cannella, D.L. (2008). Psychosocial Perspectives on Pregnancy: Prenatal Maternal Stress and Coping. Compass, 2, 1600-1623.

Lobel, M., Hamilton, DT, Graham, JE, DeVincent, C. Schneider, J., & Meyer, B.A. (2008). Pregnancy-specific stress, prenatal health behaviors and birth outcomes. Health Psychology, 27, 604-615.

Waldman, HB, Perlman, SP, & Cannella, DL, (2009).  Suicide and People with Disabilities.  Exceptional Parent Magazine, 39, 44-46.

Waldman, HB, Cannella, DL, (2009).  Invisible and Unseen Disabilities.  Exceptional Parent Magazine, 41, 84-86.

Waldman, HB, Cannella, DL, (2009).   Keeping Current with the Evolving Makeup of the NY State Population.  New York State Dental Journal, 75, 6, 56-58
Consultations and Appointments: (631) 632-3953
Email Address: dolores.cannella@stonybrookmedicine.edu