The SDM Talent Show Celebrates 20 Years

Alexander McGuiness on stage at SDM's 2018 Talent ShowThe SDM Talent Show Celebrates 20 Years of Singing, Dancing, and Laughing

May 2018 - Interested in a show that features Bollywood dance and a reinvention of Johnny Carson's Carnac the Magnificent? Look no further than Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine's (SDM) Talent Show.  

The SDM Talent Show was revitalized two decades ago by Dr. Anthony Fazio. Now a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of General Dentistry, Dr. Fazio says he chose to lead the event because he, "just wanted to make everyone laugh and to enjoy themselves." It worked: this year's show was sold out in less than three hours.  

The evening brought students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends of Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine to the stage for a talent-packed display of singing, dancing, comedy, and more. Highlights included a mid-set costume change by ska band Delusions of Grandeur, traditional Bollywood dance by "Bollywood Flow," and final performances by bands Cavity Search and John Wilkes Tooth.  

While many performances featured SDM Talent Show veterans, the show welcomed several new stars to the stage including Yigit Gol's Dr. Percussion, musical act "Down to Floss," singing by Parandis Nejati, and singing by Lee Ann Brill. 

"As a new employee to Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine, I was so happy to be asked and to take part in this year's Talent Show," says Ms. Brill whose voice was described as the one of the best the show has offered in its history. Ms. Brill's song choices ranged from disco to Broadway.   

Dr. Fazio, who both hosts the show and provides comedic charm as Karnac the Magnificent, says that he's planning on another 20 years of SDM Talent Show fun. "I have seen so many talented and wonderful people grace the stage over the years," says Fazio. "Being a small school, we are very lucky that we can showcase our talents outside the classrooms and clinics to show how truly special we are. I am humbled and honored to have kept this lovely tradition going."  

All photos are by Jack Lupfer. For more photos, visit us on Facebook.

Thank you to Dr. Anthony Fazio for graciously hosting this event, to the stars of the show for sharing their immense talents, and to the SDM community for your support and participation. 

Anna Lubitz - National Anthem, vocal performance 
Dr. Anthony Fazio - Host, Karnak the Magnificent
Yigit Gol, Jessica Lavery, Ryan Davis, Alexander McGuiness - Down To Floss 
Dr. Thomas Grandville - Acoustic performance 
Amanda Brijlal, Fariya Islam, Nabamita Kanjilal, Rebecca Geller, Sonia Motwani, Jamila Balooch, Rutu Shah - Bollywood Flow
Dr. Anthony Fazio, Dr. Thomas Fuschetto, Dr. Thomas Grandville, Gary T Peck - The Matrix Band
Parandis Nejati, Alejandro Maldonado - Vocal and instrumental performance
Paul Addamo, Michael Theiss, Sean Eccles, David Hanono - John Wilkes Tooth 
Dr. Jimmy Kilimitzoglou, Dr. Jerry Romeo, Dr. Tom Patrie, Sean Eccles, Gabrielle Romeo, Jonathan - D.O.G. (Delusions of Grandeur) 
Patula Mandrozos-Mamos, Fontini Mamos - Lady 88 
Yigit Gol - Dr. Percussion
Gabrielle Bekov, Lindsey Barber - vocal performance
Lee Ann Brill - vocal performance
Cavity Search - vocal and instrumental performance 
Dr. Thomas Fuschetto, Michael Theiss, Sean Eccles, Dr. Dan Macari, Yigit Gol, Jenna Chimon - vocal and instrumental performance 

2018 SDM Talent Show Programs

Margaret Bakos and others help prepare for 2018 SDM Talent Show

2018 SDM Talent Show

Students perform at the 2018 SDM Talent Show

Bollywood Flow dances the night away at the 2018 SDM Talent Show

2018 SDM Talent Show

It was a packed house for the 2018 SDM Talent Show.

2018 SDM Talent Show

Rocking out at the 2018 SDM Talent Show

Parandis Nejati takes the stage at the 2018 SDM Talent Show

2018 SDM Talent Show