Ann Nasti, DMD, Featured on Panel of Health Industry Leaders

Dr. Ann M. Nasti Participates in Health Industry Leader Panel Hosted by the College of Arts & Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences Hosted a Discussion Featuring Alumni Health Industry Leaders 

March 2018 - Ann Nasti, DMD, Associate Dean for Clinical Education, participated in Stony Brook University’s College of Arts and Sciences’ presentation of Health Industry Leaders. The discussion featured College of Arts and Sciences alumni as panelists. Nasti, ’78, was joined by Marie E. Pasquale, ’86, Former Executive Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer, Celgene Corporation, Eboné M. Carrington, ’01, Chief Executive Officer, Harlem Hospital, and Stuart Levine, ’75, MD, MHA, Chief Medical and Innovation Officer, Agilon Health. David Glazer, ’70, ’74, served as moderator.
The panelists described the trajectory of their careers, and answered thoughtful questions regarding professional challenges they have faced, their sources of passion, their mentors, and what they look for in a potential candidate upon hiring. Though all panelists were leaders in the field of health care, their stories and pieces of advice were easily translatable to aspiring professionals across industries. 

Speaking to the audience of students and professionals, Nasti attributed her passion for oral health care to her engagement with her enthusiastic dentist as a child. Nasti’s determination towards a successful dental career was further driven by being one of only eight women in her graduating class of 120 students in dental school, and the only woman dentist in her first practice upon graduation. Nasti stressed the importance of collaboration, resiliency, and a sustained passion for the field. 

Addressing the topic of preferred qualities among potential candidates, Carrington stressed the importance of authenticity. “Your authentic self is the best competitive advantage,” she said. “Modifying yourself is doing yourself a disservice.” Adding to this, Levine noted that it’s important that job seekers to ask the right questions and that they “feel comfortable with what they don’t know.” In terms of broader success within the health care industry, Nasti highlighted the importance of rising to challenges with a positive attitude and the ability to remain adaptable. 

Following a Q&A session, the audience and panelists moved to a reception outside of the auditorium hosted by the College of Arts and Sciences which allowed for further conversation and networking opportunities.