2013 Converging Science Summit


Summit Mission

Dear Colleagues,

As the 2013 Chair of the Converging Science Summit Steering Committee, I invite you to participate in the 2nd Annual Stony Brook Converging Science Summit. The theme for this year’s summit is “Advancing Health Outcomes: The Intersection of Health and Technology.” The mission of this unique interdisciplinary health science summit is to bring together social and health scientists, humanities and arts scholars from around the country and across a broad spectrum of disciplines to:

  • Promote collaborative thought by sharing critical thinking and evidence-based practices
  • Explore the human experience and contribute to the creation of enhanced systems for health care and health promotion
  • Build a convergence of views of health services provision to facilitate change on a national and international level

Our summit on April 15, 2013 is just the beginning of what we envision as an ongoing, year-round conversation and collaboration between the social and health sciences, humanities and the arts to help shape and influence the future of health care and health promotion nationally as well as globally.

I look forward to seeing you at this groundbreaking event.

Thank you.

Corrine Jurgens, Conference Chair
2nd Annual Converging Science Summit
Associate Dean for Research
Stony Brook University School of Nursing

2013 Steering Committee
Pamela Block, School of Health Technology and Management
Adriann Combs, Stony Brook University Hospital
Iris Fineberg, Social Welfare
Corrine Jurgens, School of Nursing
Jaymie Meliker, Graduate Program in Public Health
Catherine Messina, Preventive Medicine
Pamela Noack, School of Health Technology and Management
Maria Ryan, School of Dental Medicine
William Roberts, Stony Brook University Medical Center & School of Nursing
Linda Sacino, School of Nursing
Gloria Viboud, School of Health Technology and Management