Resident Training Program

The academic year consists of 13 four-week blocks. During the first year, the four residents are split into two groups. One group is on dental anesthesia rotation and the other group is on hospital rotations that include: Medical and Cardiac Optimization rounds, Pre-operative services, Radiology and Rapid Response team (Code Week). The two groups alternate between the hospital and the dental rotation about every eight weeks.

The dental rotation consists of either being in private offices or the OR with Dr. Boorin or Dr. Epstein or being in the dental school with Dr. Pfeffer supervising Perio Post-doctoral residents administering moderate sedation.

During the month of May, the first-year residents have orientation with their physician co-residents. This rotation consists of being in the OR in the morning and afternoon and having midday lectures with lunch provided by the department. During the month of June, the residents return to dental rotation.

In the second year, the residents have a four-week rotation with Pediatric Medicine and provide clinical anesthesia care in the OR, dental school, VA Medical Center or in private offices.

During the third year, residents have special rotations: supervising the PACU, providing anesthesia in multiple venues including the Stony Brook ASC. Special rotations are ambulatory pediatric anesthesia, and pediatric anesthesia in the main OR.

Stony Brook University has a Clinical Skills Center with pediatric and adult high fidelity simulators. These simulators are used to: introduce new skills, to refresh skills already learned and to achieve clinical proficiency in all aspects of anesthesia delivery and placement of invasive lines. Responding to and managing emergencies is also an essential clinical responsibility learned in the Clinical Skills center.

The residents take part in the comprehensive didactic program provided by the physician anesthesia faculty. This includes lectures, participating in Grand Rounds, journal clubs, and giving a Senior Grand Rounds Presentation to the entire Department of Anesthesiology.