Postgraduate Endodontics Requirements

Clinical Requirements

In order to receive credit for completed clinical cases, the following regulations are in effect, without exception:

Students/residents are expected to be at their chairs on assigned clinic dates treating patients, including emergencies. Students can be excused only by obtaining permission from the program director.

All records must be signed by the instructors and all fees must be paid by the patient.

All necessary radiographs must be mounted in the patients chart and the x-ray log complete and signed.

All surgical cases must be subjected to histologic examination. No credit will be given for a surgical case unless accompanied by a written biopsy report from the Department of Oral Pathology.

A specified number of cases are required to be treated prior to graduation. No student will receive her/his certificate until the requirements are totally fulfilled, as follows:

(A) First Year Students - by the end of the first year eighty five teeth must be treated and completed. They must include teeth in the following categories:

  1. Molars
  2. Premolars
  3. Anteriors
  4. Pulp capping, pulpotomy, apexification
  5. Post and silver point removal cases
  6. Surgical Cases

(B) Second Year Students - One hundred and thirty teeth must be treated (in addition to the 85 treated teeth of the first year). They must include all catagories in year one plus procedures in the following categories:

  1. Surgical cases
  2. Hemisections and root amputations
  3. Apexification procedures