Office of Finance and Administration

Office of Finance and Administration

This office oversees the following functions as they relate to the school’s creed, mission and vision: Human Resources, Facilities Management, Risk and Compliance, Strategic Planning, Accounting and Procurement, Budgeting and Reporting, Capital Planning, and Contracts and Grants.

Spencer Busia, Assistant Dean

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Human Resources

Human Resources serves as the sounding board for University human resources policies, guidelines, procedures and best employee-employer relation practices for the School of Dental Medicine (SDM).

Spencer Busia

Facilities Management

Facilities Management aligns with the University’s Facilities and Services to provide essential services for building, operating and maintaining the SDM's four buildings: Dutchess Hall, Rockland Hall, Sullivan Hall and Westchester Hall.

Josephine Levan, Rockland Hall Manager

Eileen Feltz, Sullivan Hall Manager

Fred Confessore, Dutchess and Westchester Hall Manager

Risk and Compliance

Risk and Compliance provides oversight, support, guidance, and policies to ensure the school is a safe, secure and compliant environment. In accordance with federal and state regulatory requirements, we are dedicated to making compliance everyone’s responsibility by minimizing risks and liabilities. 

Christian Martin, Director of Compliance, HS Schools

Strategic Planning

The office is committed to leading through financial viability and workplace of excellence while maintaining a commitment to all-inclusive development, innovation and sustainability of the school’s strategic plans.

Accounting and Procurement

Accounting and Procurement ensures compliance with the University’s Accounting and Procurement policies while performing the accounting and procurement transactions and reconciliations for the school. 

Spencer Busia, Accounting and Procurement Inquiry

Jeffrey Nieri, Clinic Procurement

Lee Ann Brill, Clinic Procurement

Budgeting and Reporting

This office oversees the SDM budget development, implementation, reconciliation, policy and financial reporting functions in support of school’s mission. 

Spencer Busia, Budget Reconciliation Inquiry

Capital Planning

This office oversees the SDM capital planning allocation, development, implementation, reconciliation, policy and financial reporting functions in support of school’s mission. 

Contracts and Grants

This office handles the contracts, agreements, bids, partnerships, pre- and post-award administration for the school. In collaboration with the dean, chairs, clinic leadership, Office of Research, Office of Grants Management, VP of procurement, SVP of health schools and the chief contracts officer, the office reviews proposals with external and internal funding sources. The dean, or designee, is the signature authority for the school.