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Program Director: Debra Cinotti

Student at Front DeskThe School of Dental Medicine offers a fellowship program to train dental fellows in the management and provision of dental care to the developmentally disabled

This program, commencing each July 1, supports two full-time fellows. The program includes seminars, lectures, and extensive clinical experiences at the School of Dental Medicine and University Hospital with emphasis on various patient management techniques needed to provide comprehensive dental care to the disabled population. There is direct patient care involvement with dental rehabilitation and surgical cases completed under general anesthesia in the operating room at the Medical Center. Fellows will also participate in the educational and training programs for staff at residences for the developmentally disabled. Independent study resulting in publication and/or case presentation is required.

Application can be obtained from:
Dr. Debra Cinotti
Dental Care for the Developmentally Disabled
School of Dental Medicine
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794

Applicants must have a DDS/DMD Degree from an ADA Accredited Dental School.