Goal 1 - The graduating specialist should recognize and understand oral health in relation to total health.

Goal 2 - The graduating specialist should recognize and understand disease and abnormalities.

Goal 3 - The graduating specialist should prevent and treat, in light of current knowledge, oral and systemically related diseases within the limits of his capability, including consultation and/or referral to other specialists when indicated.

Goal 4 - The graduating specialist should communicate intelligently with both lay and professional persons at all related levels of interest.

Goal 5 - The graduating specialist should know, comprehend, and discharge his obligations to his patients.

Goal 6 - The graduating specialist should develop and abide by an acceptable personal and professional code of ethics.

Goal 7 - The graduating specialist should employ the scientific method in solving problems of dental practice.

Goal 8 - The graduating specialist should recognize the dynamic and expanding nature of knowledge.

Goal 9 - The graduating specialist should show a sense of social responsibility.

The following topics will be discussed during the program period. It is expected that the student acquire expert knowledge in these aspects of Endodontology before graduation:
  1. Patient Medical History and Medicament History of interest to the Endodontist.
  2. Diagnosis
  3. Pathogenesis of pulpal disease Pathogenesis of periapical disease
  4. Treatment of Acute Dental Pain
  5. Treatment of vital teeth
    - Pulp capping
    - Pulpotomy (apexogenesis)
    - Pulpectomy
    - Revascularization
  6. Treatment of non-vital teeth
    - open apex - apexification
    - see headings under Pulpectomy
    - Microbiology
    - healing of periapical inflammation
  7. Failures
    - causes
    - retreatment
    - endodontic surgery
  1. Trauma
    (a) Crown fractures
    (b) Crown/Root Fractures
    (c) Root Fractures
    (d) Luxation Injuries
    (e) Exarticulations (avulsions)
    (f) Injuries to the supporting bone
  2. Endo-Perio Interrelationships
  3. Restoration of Endodontically treated teeth
  4. Pedo-Endo Interrelationships
  5. Bleaching
  6. Multi Visit-vs-One-step EndodonticTreatment
  7. Repair following Endodontic Therapy
  8. Prevention of Bacteremias