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The Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine (SBU-SDM) applauds
individual student investigators who, in addition to completing their
didactic and clinical dental program, have acquired research skills and
engaged in significant research activity. The goals of student research are
to foster scholarship and critical thinking skills, to add to the body of
scientific information and to facilitate recruitment of students into
dental research careers. Dental students who distinguish themselves in the
area of research during their DDS training should receive formal
recognition in the form of a special Diploma, the DDS with Distinction in

The Office of Research at SBU-SDM will be responsible for administering the
application process for the DDS with Distinction in Research, based on the
criteria stipulated below, as well as for awarding the special diploma at
commencement. The Office of Education at SBU-SDM will be responsible for
ordering the correct Diploma, documenting the academic standing of the
student and recording the special honor on their student records.

To be considered to receive the DDS with Distinction in Research upon
graduation, the dental student must:

   1.    Be in good academic standing according to the Office of Education.

   2.    Submit the application to the Office of Research by January 31 of the
      student’s fourth year (senior year) of the DDS program.

   3.    Have been a member of the Stony Brook Dental Student Research Society
      (SB-DSRS), of the American Association of Dental Research, as
      confirmed by the SB-DSRS President

   4.    Have participated in the Stony Brook University, School of Dental
      Medicine Summer Research Fellowship Program (Pre-D1 or D1) or other
      documentable research experience while in dental school.

   5.    Have presented at an annual Leo Sreebny Distinguished
      Lectureship/Student Research Day.

   6.    Be an author on an abstract accepted to a state, national or
      international research meeting or on any other research paper,
      consisting of research conducted while in dental school.

   7.    Provide a letter from the research mentor confirming continuity of
      research experience while in dental school

   8.    Special consideration and priority will be given to students who have
      participated in national meetings, research fellowships or awards,
      such as ADA/Dentsply, IADR Student Research Fellowship, NIH/Fogarty
      International Clinical Research Scholars Program, Hinman Student
      Research Symposium, NIH Summer Research Fellowship, HHMI-NIH Research
      Scholars Program or other forms of extramural recognition and/or

To receive a copy of the application please contact Shauna.Kamath@stonybrookmedicine.edu