Research Faculty

Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine's Annual Research Symposium

Department of General Dentistry
Interim Chair: Dr. Ying Gu
Faculty: Dr. Clarisa Amarillas Gastelum
  Dr. Dolores Cannella
  Dr. Ana Carolina Botta
  Dr. Ann Nasti
  Dr. Mary Truhlar
Department of Oral Biology & Pathology
Interim Chair: Dr. Lucille London
Faculty: Dr. Soosan Ghazizadeh
  Dr. Lorne Golub
  Dr. Steven London
  Dr. Marcia Simon
  Dr. Stephen Walker
Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Chair: Dr. David Lam
Faculty: Dr. Allan Kucine 
  Dr. Nora Odingo
  Dr. Ralph Epstein
  Dr. Martin Boorin
Department of Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry
Chair: Dr. Wellington Rody
Faculty: Dr. Hechang Huang
  Dr. Charles Larsen
  Dr. Zackary Faber
  Dr. Antinino Russo
  Dr. Robert Schindel
  Dr. Richard Faber
Department of Periodontology
Chair: Dr. Vincent Iacono
Faculty: Dr. Hossein Bassir
  Dr. Julio Carrion
  Dr. Jerome J. Cymerman
  Dr. Srinivas Myneni
  Dr. Georgios Romanos
Department of Prosthodontics & Digital Technology  
Interim Chair: Dr. Dan Colosi
Faculty: Dr. Tanya Somohano Marquez
  Dr. Rafael Delgado-Ruiz
  Dr. Mina Mahdian
  Dr. Jose Luis Calvo Guirado
  Dr. Arthur Goren
  Dr. Craig Gimbel
  Dr. Kenneth Kurtz
  Dr. Patricia Swanson

 Current Research Faculty Topics